Turning The Biological Lights On

Light bulb lit up in soil as it is metaphorically turning soils biological lights on

The true value of BioActive Soils Fertiliser. Each ingredient in our BioActive Soils products has a pivotal role to play in building healthy, fertile soil ecosystems. We have invented a way to harness Neptune’s bounty and transfer all its goodness onto land, (as sea goes with land), resulting in significant long-term benefits to your farms soil, plant, and livestock.

We are not a simplistic chemical NPKS input as the conventional fertiliser industry knows it, rather we stand alone as an innovative solid fertilisation programme that addresses the all-important link – biology, the backbone of a highly functional soil. Where important growth and health nutrients are required, we do add NPKS and other inputs to our fish & seaweed minerals fertiliser base, to ensure grass and crop production is maximised, however we do it in proportions that work with the soil microbes we are adding, rather than against them.

Pasture carries approximately 32% protein on a good day, with a further 10% being basic minerals and trace elements. The balance is made up of phytonutrients, vitamins, digestible and probiotic microbes. Our products fish and seaweed minerals are therefore pivotal to the plants biology, which is why a stronger, healthier, nutrient dense plant results from our inputs.

Using BioActive Soils fertiliser in a consistent, ongoing way, has a compounding effect as each application is introducing and feeding life to the soil. This cumulative effect results in:

  • Building carbon in the soil for greater moisture retention
  • Creating stronger plants that naturally resist pests and weeds
  • Developing a more nutrient rich diet for your livestock
  • Maximising soil fertility by maintaining a high functioning soil ecosystem that is full of life

Some Quick Facts:

  • Mycorrhizal (soil fungi) can access 10 x the water and nutrients to cycle into plants than plant roots alone
  • A 1% increase in active carbon in the soil can retain 4 more litres of water per sqm
  • 90% of nutrients naturally cycled into a plant is done through soil microbes. Because we add and feed soil microbes with our products, we are protecting this critical function and working the way nature intended. You simply can’t put a price on that.

Because we turn the soil’s biological lights on, we are redefining what’s possible for your farm, now and for future generations.

Steve Ellison: Company Owner

Turning The Biological Lights On


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