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We tailor an individual fertiliser programme for your farm.

A Customised Recipe Approach

We understand that every farm is different, which is why our fertiliser programme is tailor-made for your farm. Your programme is based on independent plant and/or soil analysis results showing which nutrients are required to maximise your yields, your overall production objectives, and the current issues you want to be resolved.

Initial Consultation - Farm Fertilisers
Initial Consultation
Defining Objectives and Issues
Defining Objectives & Issues
Independent Plant Analysis
Independent Plant and or Soil Analysis
Recommendation Report
Recommendation Report
Customised Product Recipe
Customised Product Recipe
On-Farm Monitor & Review
On-Farm Monitor & Review

How we work

Our approach is simple: we don’t offer a “one-size-fits-all” quantity-based fertiliser product, rather we offer a customised recipe tailored specifically for your farm to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from each fertiliser application, in accordance with your plant nutrient requirements and objectives.

All our products include beneficial living micro-organisms. This ensures your soil fertility and maximum production potential are addressed with each application, resulting in cumulative soil and plant benefits over time.

We focus on a process of continuous improvement by closely monitoring progress and refining your future applications where required, to optimise results. Often this can mean less fertiliser needs to be applied and/or less nutrient inputs need to be added to your unique recipe as you develop a high functioning soil ecosystem on your farm.

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BioActive Soils Services

Other Services

Soil Health - BioActive Soils

On-Farm Delivery

We arrange product delivery direct to farms across the South Island- either in bulk or 1200kg bags depending on your preference.

Qualified Expertise

We work closely with a number of Agronomists, Soil Scientists and Animal Health Professionals where additional independent specialist advice is needed and to address specific challenges or issues as part of the overall recommended fertiliser programme for your farm.

Soil Review

We offer a free on farm Soil Review during the initial consultation process. The findings are documented, reported and discussed with you as part of the decision-making process prior to creating a customised fertiliser recommendation for your farm.

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Independent Herbage Testing & Recipe Reports

Click here to view examples of the two reports.

In-Field EC Measurements - Electrical Conductivity Metre

We use a digital probe to accurately measure energy (the horsepower) available for growth of pastures and crops
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Are you interested in nitrogen reduction, grass growth, crop establishment, pasture improvement, animal performance, pest control, or want to make the switch to a biological approach to your fertiliser?

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