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All our solid fertiliser products are packed full of beneficial living microbes sourced from open ocean fish and seaweed to unlock significant improvements across your farm.


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Soil Microbes
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Soil Health
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Plant Nutrition
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Livestock Gains
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Moisture Retention
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Pest & Disease Control
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Sourced from ocean biology - BioActive Soils
Sourced From Ocean Biology

Unlock your farm potential using BioActive Soils Fertilisers & Supplements

Improving the ecosystem below the ground directly influences the results you will achieve above the ground- unlocking greater overall profitability potential for your farm.

  • Significantly reduce your Nitrogen input levels
  • Benefit from 100% fertiliser use – minimise leaching or waste
  • Increase your existing growth production yields
  • Sustainably control grass grub, porina, and root weevil
  • Build soils that retain moisture effectively
  • Produce healthier, heavier livestock
  • Reduce pugging and compaction issues
  • Minimise or eliminate weeds in the pasture by creating a favourable
    soil-fungi environment
  • Reduce fertiliser applications per year
  • Increase the protein and fat levels in your milk vat
  • Reduce the reliance on chemicals
  • Extend your pasture and crop growth period
  • Produce better quality on-farm feed – baleage
  • Reduce animal health supplements
  • Minimise environmental pressure

Note – actual results vary and are dependant on past, present, and future on-farm practices. This list outlines the potential from a successful BioActive Fertilization programme over-time.


Popular Products


Fast nutrient-dense pasture growth


Tailored for excellent crop yields


To quickly improve livestock health

ultra-crop Bioactive soils
BioBoost and BioBoost Dairy


An ideal fertiliser for fast plant growth, specifically suited to pastures. Grass growth performance is similar to applying synthetic Urea (N) but with a significantly less Nitrogen nutrient % ratio and minimal leaching or evaporation.

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ultra-crop Bioactive soils
BioCrop - BioActive Soils


A high-performing fertiliser specifically created to suit the crop type for maximum yield production - including brassicas, fodder beet, cereals, maize, and composites.

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improve livestock health
BioNutrient - BioActive Soils


To quickly improve livestock health. A range of solid (lick) and liquid (tonic) animal health supplements full of fish-based proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega 3, essential fats, and probiotics. Tonic solid in 20 litre containers.

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Product Quick Guide

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BioActive soils Products Quick Guide

Nutrient Quick Guide

With approximately 17 Macro and Micronutrients required to grow strong healthy plants- we adjust our recipes to suit the pasture, crop, and animal health requirements of your farm. All our baseline products include

  • Macro & Micro Trace Elements & Minerals (NPK)
  • Biological Feed- Humic and Fulvic Acid
  • Bacteria & Fungi Microbiology Inoculation- living soil micro-organisms
  • 20 Amino Acids and 12 Soil Proteins which are necessary for soil, livestock & human health
  • Soil Micro Flora & Animal Health Ingredients
    • Vitamin B6, B12, A & C
    • Folates
    • Ascorbic Acid
    • Thiamin & Riboflavin

Additional trace elements such as zinc, cobalt, copper, boron, and selenium are added if required for animal health benefits.