A multi-nutrient, custom formulated fertiliser with biological NPKS added in levels depending on the needs of your crops and pastures. We test soil right down to the depth that roots grow to find what is lacking.


Tried what feels like every fertiliser on the market, but nothing is giving you results? Feel like you’re always planning which product needs to be applied at what time of year?

Over 400 farmers would agree, BioFert grows up to 50% or more nutrient-dense crops and pastures by providing:

  • Biological NPKS for grass and crop growth.
  • BioFish and BioSeaweed for animal and soil health.
  • Biocide microbes for nature’s natural defence against attacking insects.
  • Biomass mycelium enhancer for building drought resistant soils increasing carbon storage.
  • Engine room N in ammonia form.
  • BioHumate impregnated with insect biocide.

$842 per/ton (solid not liquid)

Start increasing profits and watch your bottom line skyrocket.

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Dense and healthy pastures growing on a farm in North Otago

A biological buffet for maximum productivity

Every farm is different and the needs of your soil are no exception. We utilise biologically derived nutrients to breathe life back into the ground, increasing soil health, preventing pasture pests, and increasing your bottom line through higher yields and increased stock output.

What does BioFert do for your farm?

  • Makes phosphorus plant available, reducing run-off and leeching.
  • Biological biomass feed.
  • Essential nutrients including sulphur, boron, zinc, sodium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur.

Finding what your soil needs to thrive and perform optimally is key. But trial and error is expensive and time consuming when you have a farm to run. BioFert is easy to apply, doesn’t require multiple applications of different products, and most importantly, BioFert works.

Swede crop in Southland showing growth and health improvement after one application of BioFish fertiliser

Making sure you get what you need Healthy soils, nutrient rich crop, happier stock

BioActive Soils take care of the leg work to make sure your soil is getting the nutrients it requires for quality crop and pasture growth.

BioFert gives you the benefits of:

  • BioGro organically certified.
  • Biologically derived, safe for animals.
  • Products produced in New Zealand.
  • Solid fert for easy application.
  • One product to apply reduces time spent checking mix compatibility.

Interested in the maximum product potential?

We’ve got the solution.


BioActive Soils Fodder Beet KiloJoule (Nutrient Density) reading double to elsewhere. 2880 EC's (Ida Valley)


Are you interested in nitrogen reduction, grass growth, crop establishment, pasture improvement, animal performance, pest control, or want to make the switch to a biological approach to your fertiliser?

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