BioPest N

A natural inoculant to control pests. A better way to control grass grub, porina, clover root weevil and other pests in pasture and crops is by significantly enhancing a plants natural resistance to insect pests.

A non-chemical solution to address why pests are there in the first place.

Finding that synthetic pesticides do the trick for a while, but pests come back the next season? Worried about pesticides killing off beneficial microorganisms in your soil and damaging the health of your animals?

Chemical pesticide control of pests will help to stop them in the short term, but long term use can degrade the health of the soil and plant environment over time. This means pests are again attracted the following year resulting in a ‘band-aid’ approach and a continuous annual cycle of chemical use to control the problem.

Get down to the core of the issue with a real solution to your pasture pest problem.

BioPest N offers a better way to control grass grub, porina, clover root weevil and other pests in pasture and crops by building natural defences against insect pests.

  • A solid fertiliser that utilises natural biocide – harmless to soil life and animals.
  • A non-chemical solution to address why pests are there in the first place.
  • Kills pests with a biocontrol cocktail of healthy soil microorganisms.

Bulk Price $97 PER/HA (+ freight & GST)
*Min $120kg per ha

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Dead grass grub from milky spore and amber disease after natural pest control BioPest applied

Creating healthy pasture and crop environments

Our focus is on creating healthy pasture and crop environments that naturally resist pest pressure. We do this through our solid fertilisation programme using a product which includes:

  • A bio-seaweed and fish-based inoculant that utilises a natural biocide extracted from a combination of seaweed and other sea-based organisms.
  • Beneficial micro-organisms to help create a healthy soil environment that will naturally repel pests.
  • Nutrients and complex amino acids to develop stronger healthier roots and plant structures that can naturally defend themselves from insect attacks.

BioActive Soils have created the ultimate pest fighting blend which we call the BioControl Cocktail. Utilising microbes to act as a natural biocide, the BioControl cocktail causes milky spore and amber disease in the feeding grubs. The product replicates naturally healthy soil, so worms digest the vector to help it spread for greater soil coverage.

BioControl cocktail includes:

  • Entomopathogenic Fungi
  • Beauveria Bassiana
  • Serratia Entomophilia
  • Paenibacillus Papillae
  • Bacillus Thuringiensis

Healthy nematodes are added to create another level of protection, including Heterorhabditis Bacteriophorea and Steinernema Carpocapse

As the soil and plant health increases over time, sustainable ongoing control is maintained without the need for annual chemical use, because the pests stop showing up.

Grass paddock badly damaged by pesticide resistant grass grub that has been repaired after application of pest solution BioPest

Control pests with BIOPEST

BioPest N is a product specifically designed to provide immediate and ongoing control of common pests by enhancing soil and plant health. Most pests thrive in damaged and unhealthy environments, our focus is on creating healthy pastures and crops that naturally resist pest pressure. We provide a pest control solution, as opposed to simply trying to eradicate them on a regular basis which can be expensive, time-consuming, and often after considerable damage has already been done.

Typical Application – Depends on the severity of the problem (use as a guide only)
2 x applications in the first year to eradicate and restore soil and plant health (Spring & Autumn)
1 x application subsequent year (if needed) while ongoing control is established (Spring)
1 x application periodically (as required) to maintain a healthy soil and plant environment

(Note: BioPest is specifically designed for Pest Control – however where strong grass or crop growth is also required, we can add nutrients (macro & micro) and biological stimulants to this product)

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Healthy and pest free fodder beet leaves grown using BioCrop solid fertiliser


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