BioFish N

Eliminate the need for Urea. BioFish™ N is an ideal fertiliser for fast plant growth, specifically suited to pastures. Grass growth performance is similar to applying synthetic Urea (N) but with a significantly less Nitrogen nutrient % ratio and minimal leaching or evaporation.


Only $866 per/ton in bulk (+ freight & GST)

Farmers, are you finding that your usual fertiliser just isn’t doing the job and every synthetic “miracle” solution is letting you down?

BioFish™ N is designed with the farmer in mind. A real “do it once, do it right” mentality that gets to the root of the problem, saving you time and energy and providing measurable results. We take the guesswork out of what it is that your soils need to thrive, offering you not just a product but a real solution that works. We can go one step further and customise our BioFish™ N into a multi-blend solid ag-fert called BioDairy N. 

  • BioFish™ N remains active for 8+ weeks depending on rate applied.
  • 100% usable, minimising leeching and waste.
  • Customisable for your farm – macro and micronutrients added where needed for plant nutrition and animal health.
  • It really does grow grass. Measured with up to 10x the nitrogen release to the equivalent weight of sulphate of ammonia.
  • New Zealand made and protected from world price increases.

Not convinced yet? We back our product that confidently, we offer a FREE biological activity check before and after using BioFish (Terms and conditions apply).

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BioFish for pasture growth

BioDairy N

Turbocharge milk solid production and slash vet bills

BioDairy, a multi-blend of our BioFish N, is your holy grail solid fertiliser. Make the move and make it count. Our unique fertiliser blend, 100% living fert, BioFish N, Seaweed, and humic fulvic minerals not only boosts milk solids, but also keeps pest insects at bay and your vet bills in check.

  • More solids per cow by 5-10%
  • Healthier pasture
  • More moisture retention
  • Kills pest insects
  • More true protein (TDN)
  • BioFish N and Seaweed
  • Humic fulvic minerals

$600 per/ton + gst & freight

Drop us a call and start seeing more bang for your buck with BioDairy N Solid Ag-Fert.

BioDairy N Solid ag-fert increase milk solids

Crop and Soil Health Giving your soils life

We know that every farm is different and believe that utilising the natural biology of soil is a surefire way to provide results. Our programmes are tailor-made to provide the nutrients nature demands – and nothing it doesn’t.

BioActive Soils will improve your soil and crop health in multiple ways.

  • Reduces units of N by up to 90% while increasing pasture dry matter tonnage
  • We utilise what’s already in your soil. We don’t take anything out; we activate and biologically unlock minerals and make them plant-available.
  • Builds active carbon in the soil for better moisture retention.
  • Blends key plant growth elements to maximise soil fertility and suit individual plant and soil types – nitrogen, phosphorous potassium, sulphur (NPKS) and magnesium.
Healthy fodder beet growing with high-performing crop fertiliser

Nutrient-dense crops lead to healthier stock

Stock not putting on weight or producing milk solids like they should? Seeing heads through fences trying to get every bite of food they can?

Using BioFish™ increases the quality of life and profitability of stock by:

  • Produces real protein not high in nitrate crude protein. Add protein, omega 3, calcium and fat for measurable milk solid improvement & animal weight gains
  • Scientifically field measured, ruminant palatability digestibility improvements equate to happier, more comfortable cows.
  • Improves animal health & activates soil Biomass, increasing mycelium activity.
Healthy Cows with key mycelium and soil health using omega 3


Are you interested in nitrogen reduction, grass growth, crop establishment, pasture improvement, animal performance, pest control, or want to make the switch to a biological approach to your fertiliser?

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