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A high performing fertiliser specifically created to suit your crop type for maximum yield production- including brassicas, fodder beet, cereals, maize and composites.


Slow-growing crops throwing a spanner in the works for feeding stock?
Worried that adding chemical fertiliser to crops is actually causing stock health problems?

Using the right fertiliser is key to maximising your yield and producing nutritionally dense crops. Our product is designed to tap into the biology of your crops, feeding them with vital growth and nutritional elements specifically suited for your farm’s conditions and the crop type, including brassicas, fodder beet, cereals, maize, and composites. With BioCrop, you can produce a higher quality crop to graze more animals, and rest easy knowing that you’re using a biologically driven fertiliser that won’t risk the health of your stock.

  • Increased tonnage as well as heavier nutrient value.
  • 100% useable, minimise leaching or waste.
  • NPKS soil friendly with BioFish and BioSeaweed.
  • Customisable – macro and micronutrients added where required, for plant nutrition and animal health.
  • On-going sustained growth activity between applications.
  • 30-50% increased nutrient density. For example, biologically grown Fodder Beet produces 2200 – 3500 micro siemens vs chemically grown produces only 1500 – 1700 micro siemens.

Target vital crop-specific requirements to maximise your yields with BioCrop.

$797 PER/TON (+ freight & GST)


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A series of 3 images showing a nutritionally dense and healthy vegetable crop that has been fertilised with BioCrop to feed livestock

Crop and soil health Activate crop and soil biology

BioActive Soils created this product to turn on your soil’s biological lights, maximising health and fertility which will lead to thriving crops. Get to the root of soil nutrition with a tailor-made programme specific to your crops, designed to make minerals and nutrients in the soil plant available.

BioCrop is designed to give you:
  • Fast, healthy plant growth.
  • Disease, pest and rot resistance in the growth phase.
  • Build active carbon in the soil for better moisture retention and increased drought resistance.
  • Delivers fish protein to soils in biological form, then into plants.
  • Includes key plant growth elements specifically suited for the crop type and conditions.
  • Excellent source of microorganisms, and biology.
Healthy fodder beet growing with high-performing crop fertiliser

High Nutrient Density Healthier, happier stock

Not only will cows be happier and healthier, but you’ll see measurable improvements in your stock when feeding higher-quality crops. Using BioCrop can lead to weight gain and higher production of milk solids, and you’ll maximise the yield to graze more animals.

BioCrop acts to increase crop nutrient density to provide:
  • An ideal source of premium calcium.
  • More complex intense flavour and improved digestibility for happier, more comfortable cows.
  • Contains essential vitamins, proteins, omega 3, and fats.

Nutrient analysis and application rates will be provided after consultation, depending on the crop type.

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Healthy Cows with key mycelium and soil health using omega 3