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A high performing fertiliser specifically created to suit your crop type for maximum yield production- including brassicas, fodder beet, cereals, maize and composites.


  • 30-50% increased nutrient density- for example biologically grown Fodder Beet
  • 2200 – 3500 micro siemens vs chemically grown only 1500 – 1700 micro siemens
  • Disease, pest & rot resistance in the growth phase
  • Increased drought resistance
  • Increased tonnage as well as the heavier nutrient value
  • More complex intense flavour & improved digestibility
  • NPKS soil friendly with BioFish and BioSeaweed
  • Delivers fish protein to soils in biological form, then into plants
  • Biological (living) vs Chemical-Acid (dead)

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  1. Excellent source of micro-organisms, and biology
  2. Fast, healthy plant growth
  3. Maximise soil fertility
  4. 100% useable, minimise leaching or waste
  5. An ideal source of premium calcium
  6. Contains essential vitamins, proteins, omega 3, and fats
  7. Build active carbon in the soil for better moisture retention
  8. Includes key plant growth elements specifically suited for the crop type and conditions
  9. On-going sustained growth activity between applications
  10. Customisable – macro and micronutrients added where required, for plant nutrition and animal health

Please note: Nutrient Analysis and Application Rates are provided after consultation and are dependent on the crop type.

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