A natural inoculant to control pests. A better way to control grass grub, porina, clover root weevil and other pests in pasture and crops is by significantly enhancing a plants natural resistance to insect pests.


  • Solid – a granular biocide fish & seaweed fertiliser- not liquid
  • Biological – harmless to soil life and animal health
  • Non-Chemical – a non-acidic fertiliser



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Wanted Dead or Alive Pasture Pest Grass Grub And Porina - Bio Active Soils


Pasture and crop damage by pests can severely impact production, animal health and overall farm profitability. BioPest is a product specifically designed to provide immediate and on-going control of common pests by enhancing soil and plant health. Most pests are attracted to damaged or unhealthy environments, as they are nature’s way of controlling weaker species to help healthy species survive and thrive.

Our focus is on creating healthy pasture and crop environments that naturally resist pest pressure. We do this through our solid fertilisation programme using a product which includes:

  • A bio-seaweed and fish-based inoculant
  • A natural biocide extracted from a combination of Seawead and other sea-based organisms
  • Beneficial micro-organisms to help create a healthy soil environment that repels pests
  • Nutrients and complex amino acids to develop stronger healthier roots and plant structures that can naturally defend themselves from insect attacks
  • Specifically, a Bio Control cocktail is created using:
    • Entomopathogenic Fungi
      • Beauveria Bassiana
      • Serratia Entomophilia
      • Paenibacillus Papillae
      • Bacillus Thuringiensis
    • Healthy Nematodes- to create an added protectant, include
      • Heterorhabditis Bacteriophorea
      • Steinernema Carpocapse

BioActive Soils microbes act as a natural biocide, with the Bio Control cocktail causing milky spore and amber disease in the feeding grubs. The Bio Control cocktail replicates naturally healthy soil, so worms digesting the vector help its spread for greater soil coverage.

As the soil and plant health increases over time, sustainable on-going control is maintained without the need for annual chemical use, because the pests stop showing up.

On the flip – side annual chemical control of pests helps control the pests in the short term but can degrade the longer term health of the soil and plant environment; meaning pests are again attracted the following year resulting in a “band aid” approach and a continuous annual cycle of chemical use to control the problem.

Overall we provide a solution as to why the pests are there in the first place, as opposed to simply trying to eradicate them on a regular basis which can be expensive and time consuming, and often after considerable damage has already been done.

Typical Application

Depends on the severity of the problem (use as a guide only)

  • 100kg/ha
  • 2 x applications in the first year to eradicate and restore soil and plant health (Spring & Autumn)
  • 1 x application subsequent year (if needed) while on-going control is established (Spring)
  • 1 x application periodically (as required) to maintain a healthy soil and plant environment

(Note: BioPest is specifically designed for Pest Control- however where strong grass or crop growth is also required, we can add nutrients (macro & micro) and biological stimulants to this product)

grass grub paddock issue - before and after 1 treatment of BioPest ( 2 months)Images show a grass grub paddock issue – before and after 1 treatment of BioPest ( 2 months)

BioPest Application Image shows dead and dying grass grub from milky spore and amber disease after BioPest applied

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