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Soil Biology and Health - BioActive Soils

Soil Biology And Health

Soil is a living system, and 90% of soil functions are biologically driven - so organic matter and living organisms are responsible for the majority of what soil does
Moisture Retention - BioActive Soils

Moisture Retention

Creating a healthy soil profile provides better water holding capacity. Building humus (active carbon) in the soil by just 1% results in 4 litres of water holding capacity per cubic m2. It is critical for healthy soil conditions. Humus is like a sponge in the soil, it can hold up to 90% of its weight...
Environment-Friendly Soils

The Environment

Highly functional soils are critical to the long-term sustainability of modern agriculture. The 5 main functions of soil include:
Soil Microbes - BioActive Soils

Soil Microbes

90% of nutrient and water uptake by plant roots is cycled through a soil organism before becoming plant available.