Pasture Analysis - BioActive Soils

Many moons ago, The NZ Department of Agriculture stated, “Leaf tests are needed to give trace element figures, and to confirm that plants are accessing the fertilisers that have been applied.” This advice is especially relevant today. On many occasions, soil tests are not able to show accurate trace minerals levels, with respect to what is

1) available for the plant to uptake and

2) the actual nutrient content of the stock feed.

According to Vaughan Jones ONZM, “Pasture plants gives a complete picture from several weeks growth, while soil analyses give only a snapshot on that day. Pasture farming without analysing mineral levels in pasture plant is like trying to sail a ship without a rudder, and using only soil tests is making you head for rocks.” BioActive Soils provides pasture ( and soil, if necessary) testing, analysis and interpretation in order to meet the growing needs of each farm.