An ideal fertiliser for fast plant growth, specifically suited to pastures. Grass growth performance is similar to applying synthetic Urea (N) but with a significantly less Nitrogen nutrient % ratio and minimal leaching or evaporation


Bio Fish NPKS Urea Replacement - BioActive Soils


  • Excellent source of micro-organisms and biology
  • Fast, healthy plant growth
  • Maximise soil fertility
  • 100% useable – minimise leaching and waste
  • Ideal source of premium calcium
  • Ongoing control of grass grub, porina, and root weevil
  • Contains essential vitamins, proteins, omega 3, and fats
  • Build active carbon in the soil for better moisture retention
  • Includes key plant growth elements – nitrogen, phosphorous potassium, sulphur (NPKS) and magnesium
  • On-going sustained activity between applications
  • Customisable – macro and micronutrients added where required, for plant nutrition and animal health
  • Adds protein and fats to cow’s milk production for dairy operations

Typical Application Rate

For – Frequency Quantity Per Area
(varies with season)
Dairy 4-5 times per annum 100-180kg/ha
Sheep & Beef 2 times per annum 100-180kg/ha

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