rural delivery

Hi Steve

A big thank you from the Showdown team for your help with Rural Delivery Series 13 in January.

Your story will feature on episode 7 of the new series, and the on–air times and dates for this show are as follows:

Saturday 29 April 7am on TVNZ1 and possibly a repeat the following morning, Sunday 30 April at 6am, also on TVNZ1, at the discretion of TVNZ. Additionally, using the Freeview facility, the show will be available on the TVNZ1 Plus One service.

Within 24 hours of that time you will also be able to view the story using the TVNZ OnDemand service, and the episode will be available for approximately 30 weeks.

We do hope you enjoy the show, and we will post you a dvd copy once the programme has gone to air.

Barbie Nodwell
Line producer
Showdown Productions Ltd.