garden fertiliser

Garden Fertiliser – For years we have been asked to provide bags of fertiliser suitable for gardens, both small and large. Until recently, our business model was devoted to creating land dressings for pasture and crop only. As time went on, Steve has brought a few mixtures to the home “test gardens” to see if he could create a mixture that was consistent and cost-effective. From there, we branched out to test gardens, both indoor and outdoor, in Southland and Otago. The results from these test gardens have given us a product that we are happy to make available to our clients.

The mixes come in 20kg and 25kg bags which can be delivered when the field consultants visit or picked up at the factory, 50 District Road, Kennington. Factory Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30-4:30. Phone: 03 2304286. It is advisable to ring in advance to ensure someone is available for assistance.

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