crop analysis

Crop Analysis – Maximising crop potential can be a challenging proposition as there are MANY factors which affect germination, competition, and growth. It is our belief that high- yielding crops begin with proper planning, working with the farmer to meet agreed upon goals. It is critical during the planning phase, to get the complete history of the paddock, including previous fertiliser and/ or spray use. Herbage testing (if the paddock is coming out of pasture into crop) or soil testing (if the paddock is in between crops) provides the base information required for success, followed by a land dressing appropriate to the test results. BioActive Soils land dressings are “alive” in that they are driven by microbiology which provides appropriate nutrients to the developing plant. The use of herbicide and/or pesticide sprays works against these tiny powerhouses and decreases the probability of successful outcomes. Weed competition can be combatted with ridging and scuffling, allowing the crops to mature unimpeded.

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