We are successful farmers, business people, and agricultural consultants from diverse, but integrated backgrounds. It is our passion to take sustainable agriculture from a merely trendy catch-phrase to a living, breathing product which renews depleted soils, making them more nutrient dense AND profitable. Successful collaborations are only possible when all parties are engaged, heading toward a common goal. We wish to form enduring relationships which maximise the agreed-upon desired outcomes.


To improve the renewal, profitability and sustainability of complex farming operations through collaborative practice.


Honesty, Integrity, Collaboration, Customisation

Our Product

The basis of our product is composed of New Zealand’s high quality “fruits of the sea”. Fish, Oysters, Mussels and Kina are cold-processed in our factory, forming the backbone of our solid land dressing, liquid foliar dressing and supplement. These “backbone products” provide the raw organic material needed for the growth and proliferation of soil microbes. Billions of microbes inhabit each gram of healthy soil, affecting soil structure and fertility. These same soil microbes make the nutrients in the soil available to the plant, produce growth - stimulating hormones and boost the plants immune system. Soils with higher microbial diversity exhibit higher yields and fewer plant diseases. We brew these microbes in our factory, adding them to our base products. Trace minerals are added based on independent herbage testing results and the requirements of the area to be dressed. We believe herbage testing is superior to soil testing as it gives an idea of how the plants are growing over time, like a video, as opposed to the snapshot represented by a soil test. The combination of sea-based products and the customised usage of microbiology and trace minerals ensures our dressings are ecologically friendly, unique and functional.


This is a guide to the services we offer and what you can expect from us
pasture analysis
crop analysis
strategic planning
seed coating
garden fertiliser


Steve Ellison

Steve Ellison

021779919 / steve@bioactivesoils.co.nz
Steve has worn many hats during his working lifetime, but BioActive Soils has allowed him to “follow his bliss”. Working collaboratively with clients and celebrating their successes is what has him jumping out of bed in the morning and working late into the night with a smile on his face.
Leigh Murray

Leigh Murray

0276412564 / leigh@bioactivesoils.co.nz
Leigh has been honing his exceptional people skills for decades and is now combining them with his passion for farming. A true team player who loves working with others.
Calum and Dean

Calum and Dean

BioActive Master Mixers
Our factory team, Calum and Dean, are responsible for the production of our magical brews. On a good day, you may even get a glimpse of Russell or Dave.
Stacy Ellison

Stacy Ellison

032304286 / info@bioactivesoils.co.nz
Stacy and her team of ferocious felines are responsible for the "nuts and bolts” paperwork and the rats and mice…literally.
Jim and Marie Marshall

Jim and Marie Marshall

A Friend and Mentor
A friend and mentor, Jim Marshall has been in the Ag fert industry for decades. His insight has assisted BioActive Soils to grow in dramatic ways.
Soil Activation Team

Soil Activation Team

The powerhouse behind our product and the essence of our passion, these microscopic beauties turn sterile soils into BioActive Soils!


Keep an eye on our latest news.
BioGro certified Company - BioActive Soils Ltd.

BioGro Certified Company

BioActive Soils is once again BioGro certified. We are looking forward to once again supporting our organic clients.

New Staff Leigh Murray

New Staff – Leigh

BioActive Soils is happy to welcome Leigh Murray to the BioActive Team. Please see his bio on the “Team Page”.

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BioActive Soils Rural Delivery Episode

BioActive Soils Rural Delivery Show Episode: The involvement of BioActive Soils in Rural Delivery Show - New Zealand.

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Steve Ellison

021779919 steve@bioactivesoils.co.nz

Leigh Murray
0276412564 leigh@bioactivesoils.co.nz
Stacy Ellison

021666304 stacy@bioactivesoils.co.nz


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